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I was just thinking about all the time and effort I have been putting into studing RAW and suppliments. I've been trying to give her the best of the best and it had me thinking.....By no means am I unhealthy, I work out 5 days a week and eat a mostly healthy diet but....I do have a piece a candy every once in a while or ice cream or ***GASP**** McDonalds! I always forget to take my vitamins and do NO studing on what the proper suppliments are the cream of the crop for humans the way I do my dog. To bad we all have arms to go into the fridge and get what we want!! Wouldn't life be easier if we had someone give us 3 meals of the very best human quality food everyday along with our vitimans and suppliments to make our hair shine LOL

I'll end this silly post now!!:crazy:
I totally relate. Yesterday I came home from the store with bags of groceries-turkey necks, ground chicken, beef livers, veggies for Mac's purie etc. My husband asked if I bought anything for dinner. Oops. I dumped some cream of mushroom soup on some left over shake & baked pork chops and called it a casserole. After all, I was too busy weighing Mac's food to be bothered with making dinner LOL
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