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My dog done is business inside the house,Why now?

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Hi everybody, this is Ranger now a little bit over 1year old. He been doing great. Just two questions if someone can answer me... please. When can be the best time to get my dog Spay or neuter? I mean at what age?, And where can be the safe and cheap place.?
Also we have now a new problem, the last 2 nights he had poopoo and pipi inside the house, the last time he pipi inform us. He doesn’t even tell us that he want to go out o nothing. I see also that when he is outside he pipi very often.
Ranger is a good dog, he been very well with my 4yrs old son.

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Re: My dog done is business inside the house,Why n

I remember Ranger! Glad he's doing so well. He looks great! Peeing a lot is often a sign of a urinary tract infection--tomorrow morning get a pee sample from him the very first time he goes pee and then take him and the sample to the vet and they will examine him and test it for you.
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