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My daughter's 3rd birthday ended....

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with various wrestling matches lol. here are some pictures from the night.

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can I have your daughters' pillowcase?? :D ;)
the tinkerbell?
yes I love Tinkerbell lol
lol its actually one of those mini couches that folds up and has the built in sleeping bag bit. We're gonna get her a tinkerbell bed set when we move her up to a twin bed. Her pillow now is actually one i made. Its hot pink leopard print!!! hehe. I like tinkerbell but my daughter goes nuts for anything tink. its hilarious. You put in tinkerbell or turn on disney channel and they're playing a snippet from one of the movies and she skids to a stop to watch the clip talking about how its tinkerbell mommy!!! its tinkerbell!!!
Happy 3rd Birthday!!!!!!
haha cute. She sounds like me I used to have Tink car seat covers and everyone dubed my car the Tink Mobile lol. oh and happy 3rd birthday to your daughter!! I bet she had a blast.
Haha... Love these.

Happy birthday to your daughter as well. Stark sends slobbery kisses and nose bumps.

I still wrestle with Stark and he is 80lbs and way faster than me. He likes to "find me" when I hide under the blankets, he digs me out... lol. Then we wrestle and run around the house. It's a nice break from studying... lol.

Love thse silly dogs.
@ DCluver33 ~ i actually need to replace one of the seat covers in my car and i'm thinking about getting tinkerbell covers! lol. have to find a set i like a lot though.

@ Elisabeth 00117 ~ I miss having Zena here because we would wrestle around all the time and she's just about a 90 lb dog though with my inlaws i'm sure she's now tubby and rolly polly. And people say we shouldnt wrestle with our dogs because it teaches them to be rough. HA!!! they obviously dont know how much fun it is to wrestle with a GSD! Tell Stark thank! lol

My daughter is probably the only kid in history to be happy about opening all her other presents but the second to last present she is so enthralled with you ask if she wants to open the last present and she says NO and completely forgets about it. We're waiting to see how long it takes before her curiousity sets in...
Who won??
we're not really sure.... Shasta has decided that saturdays are her lazy day so i'm gonna say it was a tie. if she'd been up and all over like usual, it probably would have been her winning because we'd be too tired to keep going lol.
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