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My cat broke up a dog fight!

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Ok so anyone who follows my posts know that Maiya and Annabelle have had some serious issues and bloody battles at times. I keep constant watch over them and the body language they are displaying towards one another.

We haven't had bloodshed since December and I have been proud of that.

However, they started playing in their dog beds right next to the couch and I guess something went wrong and Maiya stepped on Annabelle the wrong way. Annabelle threw out her warning growl and the fight was on because Maiya I guess thought Annabelle was challenging her. Maiya doensn't back away from a challenge.

So anways, within that split second of growling and teeth baring, and snapping (You have about 3 seconds to break this up before it becomes bloody), Sunny my cat comes rushing in the room, jumps right in the middle of the dogs, and starts hissing, slapping and biting them. This all happened in such a split second I don't even know where she came from as I was about to jump up and break it up.

I would never encourage my cat to get into the middle of one of their fights, but it was so funny because they were so bewildered by her ferocity they just stopped, stood and looked at her like she was nuts. Then when all was calm Sunny proceeded to walk that "snazy cat walk" back to Matt's room only stopping to look back and make sure everything was under control.

I'm telling ya, my cat is a complete freak of nature!
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The bidding for your cat starts at $500.00 and that's me!

Holy, Moly, girl! What a story. Totally amazing! (As I bet you were)

I mean, seriously, that cat is AWESOME. I sure could of used her a time or two..... but hey, maybe I'll win the bid!

I hope Sunny had steak that night! She earned it, the love!!!
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Thats a great story!!! Aparently sunny dont hold with all that foolishness in the house and probably interupted her nap time and she got a little cranky over

No big deal, same thing happens at my house. Just subsitute your dogs for me and sarge and change sunny for my wife!!!
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ALRIGHT SUNNY. I told you she was an angel. thanks for sharing that story, i really needed it. what a great cat she is. i guess the two girls will think twice about getting into it the next time.

i guess we know who alpha bitch is among the animals dont we. itgoes to prove, that you dont have to be large to be tough. lol
That is a awesome story and I'm so glad all turned out well!!!
I'm glad it turned out okay too, but I can't help thinking Sunny unwittingly cashed in one of her nine lives.
Originally Posted By: GSDadI'm glad it turned out okay too, but I can't help thinking Sunny unwittingly cashed in one of her nine lives.
LOL! I kinda thought the same thing when it was over!
Lisa glad everything worked out ok. Funny Sunny the cat is the Alpha dog LOL
Yeah for Superhero Sunny! Fearless defender of the Peace!

Amazing story! Maybe you should get Sunny a cape, or a badge or something!
Yay, Sunny! What a good girl. That's quite a story.

She sounds so much like Queen Cleo here! The dogs actually ask her permission to do things. If she's on the landing they both stop and give her little submissive kisses to see if she will let them pass without swatting them. She has rules and everyone had better obey them! I have to be careful about even raising my voice because she will come running in the room to take care of the problem!
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