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WGSL Monty (b.5/21) B&T blanket-back. WGWL Holly (b.2016).
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Picked up Monty on Sunday as scheduled. He's a real cutie. 9 weeks old today. He travelled well in the car once he'd settled and we had a 110km journey home so not bad!

My other GSD (5 year old female 'Holly') loves him. Our cats... not so sure at the moment.

He's been brilliant during the night. Sleeps on the floor next to my side of the bed. Cried to go out at 0130 Monday morning, and at the same time again this morning. NO mess in the house whatsoever so far!

Out of all the improvised toys I've made, teething toys and toys of dogs no longer here, despite the photograph attached his favourite play things are an old plastic water bottle, and my toes. 馃槵

Love him to bits, especially listening to him 'purr' in his sleep.
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