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Hi everyone (long post, bear with me :smile2: )

I'd like to introduce Brooklyn, my GSD puppy that my husband got me. He is the most precious thing in the world. Here in Pakistan there are a lot of backyard breeders that get rid of the litter as quickly as possible as soon as the pups open their eyes. They barely get to spend time with their littermates or their mum, which I find to be devastating. The same thing happened here with Brooklyn. Which is why we had to guess-tamate his age, although the "breeder" informed us he was about 2 months. (I highly doubt it, a friend of mine from Canada saw the photo and said he was much smaller).

My husband has been on the hunt for a GSD puppy for over a year since my dog Max died, he was a GSD and had some other lineage(s) which we never figured out. He was a good dog and we adopted him from one of my husband's friend who is in the army and has a GSD female that is also serving. He's death seriously devastated me since I spent every waking moment with Max. Seeing me practically depressed everyday was too much for him to bear so the hunt for a GSD began. That's when my husband got into contact with a breeder. Here in Pakistan, there is a GSD kennel club that is recognized and provides processing of papers, chipping the dog and mapping out their lineage. But it is an expensive process which is why there are so many backyard breeders. My husband has been nit-picking through a lot of them before he finally settled on the man that accidently gave us Brooklyn. Yes, it was an accident, my husband's intention was to get me a female and that is what they agreed on. The puppy was coming from another city that was 12 hours away so it had to be shipped. They drew up the paperwork for purchase and shipped our puppy over. When my husband and brother went to go pick it up they checked the puppy but couldn't decipher the gender due to very poor lighting (it was around 10 PM when the puppy arrived an hour's drive from our house and the transport service was in a rush). So they packed the pup into a travel cage and brough 'em home. It was finally when the pup came home that we realized it wasn't a Bella but a Brooklyn :laugh2: . Nonetheless he looked at me and I looked at him, and he jumped all over me. That is when I thought, screw it, we're keeping him.

Mind you, I was never a dog person and never thought I could be (my husband was the dog person, we started off with labs, but GSDs are just GSDs). But having Brooklyn goes to show the opposite. As soon as he came home he stole my heart (and my bed):gsdbeggin: I've become extremely fascinated with this breed, they never cease to amaze. Reading through this forum has helped me a great deal with helping Brooklyn adjust to his new setting, potty training him, and teaching basic commands. He's a tiny little fellow, but he sure is handsome.

He's changed a lot, he's coat color is going through some funky changes, but I guess that's for another post :nerd:


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