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my 5 yr old female keeps falling down!!

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Hi,i haven't been on this site in like 5 years, that is how old she is now, since yesterday, everytime she gets up or lays down, she just falls and slides all over the place, at first i thought it was just her slipping on our wood floor, (because my other dog used to do that) but i let her out this morning, and her back legs seem unstable, i don't have any money for the vet yet, i get my tax check any day now and i will take her as soon as it gets here, but does anyone have an idea of what it could be?? She is aan otherwise healthy dog, beautiful, sweet, full of energy,. And does anyone know what the vet will do? (xrays) and how much it will cost to find out what is wrong???
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The vet may do x-rays
I don't know I am not a vet but I wouldn't wait
get her there ASAP
I agree the dog should see the vet. Could you try to work out a payment arrangement with the vet? If not, why not apply for Care Credit then pay off that bill with your tax refund?
You can use credit care for a vet?
Yes!!! I used it years ago when Too had a cancerous tumor removed. Click on the arrow DOCTOR NEAR YOU and look down the list - Veterinary is near the bottom.
thank you! i just applied and was approved, I never heard of such a thing!! i'll keep you guys posted.
and i cannot believe how fast that was!!!!
Please do take her to the vet ASAP and let us know what happens. Praying for the best here!
Keep us all updated. I am sure all our thoughts will be with you. I sure do hope it is nothing.

Last year I woke one morning to find that my Russian Blue cat could not stand up. I was hysterical!! I took her into the vet and they did not know what was wrong either as everything came back fine. All the blood work, all the X-Rays - it all looked fine.

They were going to send me to a neurologist to have them take a look, but first gave us some Prednisone (steroids) and told me to try that for a few days until I could get an appt at the specialist. The next morning she was up and walking. Within 3 days she was back to her old self.

To this day we do not know exactly what was wrong. She most likely just twisted wrong while jumping off a window sill or something and hurt a muscle.

Sometimes we freak out and things turn out to be nothing...I sure do hope that is the case for you as well.
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Better to be safe than sorry!!!
She proberbly pulled a muscle
thoughts are with you please keep us up to date
Well, i took her today, and they did x-rays which were normal, the vet said it wasn't arthritis or hip dysplasia and it seemed to be mostly likely a neurological problem, like a degenerative disease or something of that nature, depending on what kind it is, it can be treatable or not and if it continues , she 's gonna send me to UGA and get a neurologist to look at her and do MRIs and other things. She did have a tapeworm and hookworm and i got medicine for that, plus heartguard and vectra (new med for flea and tick prevention) anwyay, we'll see how it goes, thanks for everyone's concern!! i'll keep you posted!! and thanks for telling me about credit care!!!
oh, can you tellme how to post a pic?? i can upload with no problem but this site doesn't allow me to do that. Do you have to post to a website like flicker or someithing??
You can use photoucket and I think instructions are up in the pictures section.

Glad your girl is seeing a vet and that the xrays are normal. Let's just hope it is not degenerative mylopathy.

Pic ofMila with one of my boys a year and a half ago.
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This is my other dog Hans with the same boy , now.
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