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My dog refuses to poop and knows the commands

My dog, since she was a puppy didn't want to go to the bathroom anywhere except for a couple of places she got used to to. Now, it is even worse, she will rarely ever do it on leash. Since she arrived at my house at 4 months, she has been taught the command "go potty" and she knows what it means. When I take her somewhere and tell her "go potty" she knows what I want, but will just start moving around, only peeing and peeing again and again, squatting and halfway sitting just to stand up and start moving around again. I try to have patience, but I just cannot control my frustration, which I know only makes things worse. Its just so irritating when I know she knows what I want her to do but refuses to do it. No, she isn't food motivated. I've praised her when she has done it right. The only thing she really wants is to play with other dogs and strangers. When she is off leash she does it. But on leash, at home, she'll try to pull to go somewhere else to do it, no matter where i go! Today when I took her to lake and was walking around, she actually squatted in the middle of the walk, out of nowhere, to poop like one piece onto the concrete. I took to several places in the bushes and told her to go potty, but she just kept walking around and sitting down, barely paying attention to my presence. It is just so frustrating! When I took her home I let her off leash like I do every morning to the hillside she always goes to the bathroom on and she immediately went to the bathroom... I just want to know why she does this and how can I stop it... Thanks
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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