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Please NO product recommendations.

I'm researching the ingredients in supplements such as Go Dog and Power Boost for the main ingredients that enhance muscle repair and recovery. I can find studies on maltodextrin, L-carnitine but not much on whey protein other than the isolate is better absorbed by the canine body than any other protein for recovery. I have found the dosages per kg body weight for all of these ingredients.

--What I can't find is any documentation on how these items work together. Or how whey protein works to help muscle repair and recovery.

These are some studies I would love to read but have no access to.

NUTRITION FOR WORKING AND SERVICE DOGS. - Wakshlag, J., Shmalberg J. (Wakshlag is a Cornell vet)

Post-exercise carbohydrate plus whey protein hydrolysates supplementation increases skeletal muscle glycogen level in rats.
Morifuji M1, Kanda A, Koga J, Kawanaka K, Higuchi M. (and how would this relate to canines who process differently)

Preexercise ingestion of carbohydrate plus whey protein hydrolysates attenuates skeletal muscle glycogen depletion during exercise in rats.
Morifuji M1, Kanda A, Koga J, Kawanaka K, Higuchi M.

Restoration of Muscle Glycogen and Functional Capacity: Role of Post-Exercise Carbohydrate and Protein Co-Ingestion.
Alghannam AF1, Gonzalez JT2, Betts JA3.

Effects of Whey, Caseinate, or Milk Protein Ingestion on Muscle Protein Synthesis after Exercise.
Kanda A1, Nakayama K2, Sanbongi C3, Nagata M4, Ikegami S5, Itoh H6.

Dietary whey protein modulates liver glycogen level and glycoregulatory enzyme activities in exercise-trained rats.
Morifuji M1, Sakai K, Sugiura K.

Or any other information specific to dogs with these items for muscle recovery.

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