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Murder Couple...knew the GS

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Two family attorney's in Brooklyn were murder while sleeping. A lady that works at my sister's job, knew these couple and knew the German shepherd. This shepherd was trained as a protection dog, and was very good at his job, thing is, if the dog knew you, it wouldn't alert anyone. It was happy to see a "friend."

It is important to socialize a your GS, but just important to expose your GS to the right people. Shane is friendly with everyone, but he has that strong "aloof" trait. He may know you, but he always looks to me to seek permission to approach. If no one is around, then he won't go near the person. He will just watch them.
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That's sad.
Uh, the dog was tied up in the backyard. How do they know the killer tied him up there? Why couldn't it have been his owners before the killer arived? Dog's not there in the house then there isn't much he can do.
Oh yeah, the lady cleared that up too. The dog is never tied up, especially 5 am in the morning. The person knew the family, was able to get close enough to tie the dog up.
I'm glad the GSD survived but it seems very unusual for someone to murder humans and then leave their dog alive. It sounds as if they were nice people so it is a very sad situation
Lets rememaber -- Most violent crimes are committed by people who know the victim, especially rape and murder. I know none of us likes that but there it is. Remember Nichole Brown Simpson -- Unless you want your GSD not to meet your friends and family, you can't expect the dog to protect you from these people. Protection dogs protect from people outside the circle of friends/family/acquaintences.
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