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Originally Posted By: GSDOwner2008Okay, so most of you know by now I have Apollo, who is Five months old. He's very well mannered, house broken, and very easy to train. He's very sweet and affectionate and everything you would want your dog to be.

Well, there's a long story behind why we're getting another puppy, but it's a male. I know it's probably not a wise idea to get another puppy, however since we are getting him, I want to do this right. Being that they are both males, will they fight when both of them are older? They aren't littermates obviously, but they do come from the same father.

Will Apollo's good nature rub off on the puppy? Since he's house broken, and has learned basic commands, shouldn't he help the puppy learn to do these things easily?

I've also read that you should keep the puppies seperated from each other so they don't bond too much with one another, would that be true for my situation since they aren't littermates? Should they still be seperated for training, feeding, walking? Should they be seperated for doing their business outside?

I know I've asked a lot of questions, but I want this to go as smoothly as possible. I want Apollo and the new puppy to get along like brothers and I would love for the new puppy to be as well mannered as Apollo. Thanks in advance for your responses.
i don't think they'll fight when they're older.
Apollo's good nature can't hurt things.
i think Apollo will help in teaching the new pup
should they be seperated so they don't bond with each other more than you, i don't know about that one.
seperate them for training.
i wouldn't seperate them for feeding.
i wouldn't seperate them for walking. i would seperate them during walking if training was going on.
i wouldn't seperate them at potty time.
i think the puppies will get along just fine. i think by Apollo being 5 months will help in them getting along because he's so young. Good luck.
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