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My GSD is almost a year old now and he does very well with biting at home with us. When he does mouth (me, anyway, don't know about the rest of my family), there's barely any pressure most of the time.
There's a dog daycare where I live and I like taking him there because it gives him a chance to burn off a ton of energy and play with other dogs. He loves it. But when I dropped him off last time, they told me he goes after their hands when they take him in and out of the kennel or take his leash on and off. It didn't sound like he bites down hard or anything, but even nipping is not really acceptable to me or them. They told me they think he's just overexcited being in a roomful of dogs, etc.
Since this doesn't happen at home and I'm obviously not there to correct it or handle him for them, I don't know how to make him stop doing this. Anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.
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