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Mouthing my feet/legs and pants....

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I would value your thoughts on this behavior. We adopted Samson about 5 months ago and he is currently about 17 months. He is doing VERY well but we have noticed some behaviors that we never saw in our first GSD.

When we are playing, or Samson gets excited, or we are done playing and heading indoors, he bites at our shoes, feet and pant legs. He takes his head and butts our calves and/or tries to stick his head between our legs. Now, he never closes his mouth on our shoes/feet and if we stop walking, he sits down and looks at us. His little face looks like, 'I can't help myself' and the end of his tail's so cute.

It feels like herding but since I have not seen this before, I thought I would ask. Any thoughts?
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Sounds to me like he doesnt wanna stop playing! LOL Bear does that soemtimes to, but usually its a way for him to try and initiate play with one of the humans in the house. Him not closing his mouth shows its not in any way an agressive behavior more of a "touch" to get your attention. Pack dogs will touch one another to interact and communicate with one another. Maybe you could try playing with him outside, then giving him a few minutes to cool off, and go potty once more before going inside, that should calm him down enough so he doesnt feel like all of a sudden the playtime just stops and hes wondering what happened and why he has to go in.
Ozzy used to do this quite a bit. He still does it when he doesn't want to stop playing or if we're on a walk and walking in a direction he doesn't want to. He's 2 now and the behavior has abated quite a bit.

I initilally stopped a lot of the behavior by teaching "leave it." I would spray him with water, say 'Leave it' and the behavior would stop. Now all I have to say is "Leave it."

I have always chalked this behavior up to adolescence. Not sure it has anything to do with herding.
Thank you very much - both of you. Makes sense.

It's funny, we run him until he can barely stand up...and WANTS to stop but still plays with our feet. (Maybe a foot fetish??)
My husband is retired and Samson gets 3-4 walks per day and 2-3 frisbee playtimes in the backyard. He gets more exercise than I do!

I love the water and leave it. We will try that too.
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Another thing to try is just to Stop dead in your tracks and don't move, don't pay any attention to the dog.

If you dog is trying to get your attention by the behavior when you correct the dog you are giving the dog attention even if it is negative attention.
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