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Mount Vernon, IL - Titan/Gassing date 7/22

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Gorgeous Titan has until Tuesday before heading to the gas chamber, can somebody please help him???
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Titan is a GSD that is approximately one year old. He is a good boy, just needs some good exercise and a little work with some manners. We are receiving many dogs and puppies daily and each animal here will have a VERY LIMITED TIME. Please do not wait to contact us about any of these nice animals.

If you are wanting a WEEKEND OR EVENING responses please email:
[email protected]
[email protected]

adoption Fee: $60.00 - fully refunded to you once you neuter, rabie, and microchip.
Adoption Hours: Mon-Fri 10:30A-4:45P
Phone Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30A-4:45P
(618)244-8024 Ask for Ruth.
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He's a beauty! And only a year old, he hasn't even had a chance to enjoy life
(yet!). If anyone is even remotely interested in him, call or e-mail Ruth! I got my Greta from her a year ago and she is a wonderful person and very willing to work with you, hold him for you, etc. She moved mountains for us so we could accomplish what we needed to on a very tight schedule and wants to save as many of these animals as possible.
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Jefferson County Animal Control
Mount Vernon, IL
Actually, I think they might. When I got my dog from this shelter she (Ruth) mentioned they had a van taking some dogs up to Chicago if I needed her to get that far, then a number of people on here jumped in and offered to get various legs of a trip for me. I had one great member end up being able to pick her up for me and do the entire run, but contact Ruth at the shelter. She'd be able to inform you better.
Here's a bump for Titan!
I called the shelter and was told that he has a rescue lined up.
That's great! Hope it works out well.
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