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Hi there. We live in Red Deer, AB Canada and the mosquitos aren't bad yet this year but last year they were terrible. We have a 5 month old GSD, Link. I was wondering if mosquitos tend to bite dogs or not and if they do what I should use as a repellent that won't hurt him?
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Yes they do bite dogs. I'm not sure what repellent is best though!?!?
Good question, I would love to know the answer too, my old Saint Bernard during camping use to get bombarded by them, I would love to be able to repell them from Jesse this summer during camping.
i think k9 advantix has mosquitos reppelent in it. ask the vet.

Seems you are right Oliver Annie

I am also hearing to rub fabric softner sheets on your dog. I haven't tried it myself but I may try it during camping.

Diluted Avon Skin so Soft also works quite well and is safe.
Yes misquitos bite dogs. Most flea and tick repellent repell the misquitos as well.

Also,even though it is not as common near you but more so down south, misquitos bites can lead to heartworm if the misquito is "infected" and your dog isn't on HW prevention.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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