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This is a crosspost! This was sent to me by a rescue contact. This is an urgent situation, but the dogs are not yet in the kill shelter so they cannot be placed in the "Urgent" listings.

I do not have any further information about these dogs. The dog warden's contact information is at the bottom of the e-mail and she can put you in contact with the owner if you know of a rescue who can help! Morrow County, OH is just north of Columbus.

Here is the e-mail I received:

NOTICE/URGENT: RESCUE (no adopters) ONLY-----needed for 2 purebred completely vetted (spayed/vaccinated) German Shepherd dogs. They are NOT good with SMALL animals of any kind including dogs. IF the dogs come here they will likely be euthanized----we will not release them to the public-and because we have space issues right now they will be the first to be considered because of their behavior. ... IF a rescue has interest please contact me and I will provide you with the current owners info. ***Please do not ask me a lot of questions about the dogs. I have very little info in regards to other behavior. I have met them and they are gorgeous, and seem pretty behaved however they CAN NOT be around small animals. They have an extremely HIGH prey drive. morro[email protected] redbird. net (remove spaces) or 419-946-1747.
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