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more than $500,000 dog lawsuit

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Just wondering what would be necessary to win/defend this monetary lawsuit???
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I don't understand...Whats the lawsuit about???
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Originally Posted By: MaxGunnarlinky????
Your too funny!!
sorry about not providing any specific information in my ongoing problem.I am NOT lurker or being a person looking for attention.I was hoping for some honest feedback from members of this forum as to what would in GSD owner be a situation where one of there dogs could have done something that did not justified a greater than $500,000THOUSAND DOLLAR lawsuit and what I should do.If it is funny or a joke to anyone-do what you want to do -be who you want to be please ignore this post!!.
I don't think anyone was making fun of you. Maybe you could provide more information? Are you being sued? someone you know? I am just confused as to what you are asking in your question.
I'm sorry but I am totally confused.

You are being sued for 500K because of your dog?

If you are involved in litigation be careful what you post, it can come back to bite you if the other side comes across it.
I am confused to.
reply to Betty101 thanks for support.To any who know me through my post history --just trying to come to terms/understand what is happening to me.Again THANKS
ok after reading all ur posts, im still trying to make sense to what is is goin on..all i really understand is a 500k lawsuit to a gsd owner...what is the lawsuit for?? a killer dog?
I'm sorry if you felt I was making fun of you. I really am. It was not meant that way at all. Its just when Max put 'linky' I thought that was too funny. I think he too was trying to joke around as well, not make fun of you.
I still don't understand what your asking of us. Can you explain? What I'm thinking your asking is what is a GSD owner responsible for that their dog could do that would cause less than half a million... I guess a lot of things... maybe a small bite?? Vet bills to fix a dog the GSD attacked?? I'm really guessing here...can you give us more details?
I don't think she can explain from my memory of this. I could be wrong!

So maybe people can create a scenario, similar to the one Rosa came up with and see if they can figure out what would justify that kind of lawsuit.

Pain/suffering/emotional distress? ? ?

Very scary if this can happen.
Without knowing the situation, there could be all sorts of reasons. The first things that come to mind are permanent nerve damage from a bite, long term pain and suffering, loss of income, etc.

There are also folks who take advantage of a situation. People can sue for whatever they want to (remember the $54 million lawsuit over a pair of pants in DC?). The question is whether they win the case.
But can you sue for pain and suffering if it was another dog injured, not a human? In many states dogs are considered property so you can't get pain and suffering over damage to property. You can sue for the value of the damaged property.
Good question. I was assuming a person was injured in my response.
In CA (I believe it is the state that does this), pain and suffering is maxes out at 250,000.00. Although, I am getting that figure from a med. mal practice case, so maybe it is different for other cases?
If I remember correctly, the only person injured was the OP, when her hand got caught in her dog's collar trying to control him when he was charged by two small dogs who were off leash.
Talldog, you've really got to get someone to be on your side in this, who has legal knowledge, and support you. If you legally are in the right, then you need the relief of knowing that. If you are in the wrong legally here, then you need someone to help advise with damage control and what your best options for YOU are. This is too much stress for you to go this alone.

In any case, do not let the dollar amount scare you. You will need to keep a cool head. The best you can do is get an attorney. Are you low income? Great-- you can come out of this far easier than someone who isn't in that you can qualify for Free Legal Aid. Called them already?(or just assuming that you make too much to qualify?) Call 'em! They can help, or give a reference. Next: Ring the Attorney General's office in your state. Ring the Bar Assoc. in your state. Explain the situation (not case details, just the not-much-money-and-needing-a-lawyer info). Let them give you references in your area who CAN help. Incidentally, if you are a senior, Council on Aging often has low cost or free legal aid to those over 60... but again, you do have to make those calls to get the help.

Already, the other side has legal counsel. You want to catch up-- and you want someone to support, guide, help, advise you.. because living in fear is not healthy for you. You CAN find someone affordable to represent you-- even if you think you cannot. You simply need to make those calls, ring the attorney general's and the Bar Assoc to get contacts.

Look at it this way: You need a friend with legal know-how. Best case, this gets laughed out of court. Worst case-- you will still have counsel guiding you on what is safest and best for you. You need support. Please ring to find affordable counsel, it is available.

Take your power back in this situation. This much stress, over such a long time, is too much for you. You feel in the dark and scared-- and regardless of what may or may not happen with this case, you need to feel that YOU made those attorney telephone calls, YOU initiated your own counsel, YOU fought for control of your own situation. You need to not feel like a scared victim waiting for the ax to fall... you need to feel like you are responding by taking charge, no matter how scared you may feel, and you are going forward-- towards a future free of worry, by getting the answers and support you deserve.

((((((((HUGS)))))))))) to Talldog and your GSD!
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Quote:Just wondering what would be necessary to win/defend this monetary lawsuit???
Without knowing any details of the case, this is kind of like asking, "What do I need to make a pie?" There are about a million different options depending on a million different situations.

I think Patti's advice is spot on: to defend and/or win in any lawsuit, it's absolutely necessary that you have a competent lawyer on your side who can help see you through this. You need someone who knows what they are doing, can sort out the case, and take it to court accordingly.

Having a good lawyer often makes a difference between being out of court free within thirty seconds, and standing in court for an hour and loosing the case.
ok, heres some threads that might help us out.


Maybe we can help ttalldog with this background info. I do think that Patti gave you the best advise though written above.
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