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More pictures finally!

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I finally uploaded more pics of Zoe- here she is from 7 weeks - 10 months :)

Zoe is on the far right 7 wks

Gotcha day! 10 weeks

Graduation from a little puppy class she did at Petsmart

Growing into her ears...slowly...

Can I be a lap dog?

She loves a shopping spree!

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Oppsy...I labled her pup pics with the wrong ages and it's too late to edit. The group shot of her at 10wks and the gotcha day pic is 12wks...we came SO close to getting her GIANT brother in the back of the group, but decided on the only girl left.
What a gorgeous girl! Where in TX are you? I always ask, but have yet to find anyone even close to Tyler
Plano :) My husband grew up in Henderson which is out your way. We actually got Zoe from a breeder in Longview. Small world!
Hey, that is close! I got mine from a breeder in Jefferson. If you're ever out this way stop by and we'll let the dogs out- we've got lots of property on a lake
Miss Zoe is such a cutie pie!
Stosh- sounds great! I'll let you know the next time we head that way to visit family. Zoe loves to run and play!
Love the ears! She's beautiful.
Thanks guys:)
She is beautiful!!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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