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I see this all the time in NC. It is so sad!! Someone has a dog for years and right at the end of there journey in life they get rid of them or take them to the shelter. It is so sad! I seen not even a month ago someone had brought down a full blooded 9 year old GSD with HD to a high kill shelter. It was so sad! I felt so bad for her and kept thinking what that poor baby was going through or thinking. I am on Craigslist all the time just being nosey observing what people are rehoming or fighting about that day.... and I have seen so many dogs that are 9,10,11,12 years old being rehomed. I just can't wrap my mind around why someone could love a dog for so many years and then turn around and get rid of them for no real reason. Whats a few more years of the same love you have given them??!! Guess people think that they don't have feelings or stress like we do! =(
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