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As someone in rescue, I do see an increase in Owner surrenders and strays in the spring and summer. Does this maybe have something to do with breeding???? I don't know, but that is my guess.

I know a lady who already has a dog that she doesn't take care of, got another dog two weeks ago and brought her to my house over the weekend wanting rid of her for the sole reason that "she sheds too much" OMG. It is people like her who keep shelters full, rescuers overwhelmed, and dogs in need. In short- stupid, ignorant people. BTW- this was not someone I adopted to or ever would. She got the dog from an ad in the paper. Poor dog.

So, I have taken in two dogs in the last three days. On top of my own four. I had an emergency $326 vet bill Saturday (thank goodness for Care Credit) and have the o/s girl at the low-cost s/n clinic today. I am stretched to my limit now and there are more everyday.

I do think this time of year is the most overwhelming for rescue. Just MHO.

P.S.- Sorry for the rant.
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