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From the Petfinder site:
#274 is a male greman shepherd around 2 yrs old. He was brouhgt in as a stray found on Stratford Hall Rd. in our Co. , was wearing a collar with a phone # but disconnected. No one has claimed him so now he is looking for a forever home . He is food aggressive with other dogs. So if you are interrested contact the shelter at 804-493-0869.

Please note that it says he is food aggressive with other dogs. This is a common term used by shelters not to be confused with "food aggression" as we typically talk about it on this board. Typically it's a completely understandable reaction to a group of underfed dogs being kenneled together and sharing a single food source.

We need to be careful how we post info - a misunderstanding of a term like "food aggressive" could mean life or death for the dog.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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