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I have read 2 books and yes they use choke collars and pops. They are well know for their breeding program and you can't even get on the waiting list anymore. They also do not let you choose your pup. When you apply for a pup you specify what your intent is, pet, SCH, police, etc. They have a special testing that they do (they have someone who does not know the pups come in) when the pups are young. It tells them what type of pup it is (hard to explain this). Then they place that pup with the applicant that it is best suited for. It was interesting and they are very successful at this. So someone looking for a pet does not end up with a pup more suited for SHC, etc.

Each monk is responsible for a certain dog and its pups if its a female. The pups are so well behaved that they can down in the main hall while the monks are eating and taking prayer, very impressive!
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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