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Monks Of New Skete Training Theory

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I just found a bit of information on this surfing.
Does anyone know about this method? Any thoughts on the subject????
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"Old school" how?
Using correction?
Which book would everyone recommend reading???
Jake will be nine months....Art of raising a puppy, did that ship sail or is it still a good read?
Any comments on For the love of a dog? I'd like to order at least one book to get a feel for what their style is. Up until 15 minutes ago I had never heard of them.
I just bought two books from Amazon for under 10 bucks! I guess in a few weeks I will update here with an opinion. I ordered The art of raising a puppy and How to be your dogs best friend.
I did get The art of raising a puppy for 49 cents!
Can some one tell me how you pronounce this order of monks?
Is is it pronounced like"skeet"?
So, in this case does "old school" mean using a prong and giving corrections? I don't know if I am "old school"or not?
1 - 7 of 31 Posts
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