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Molly & Tanner at the park.(pic heavy)

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These are some pictures I took recently while at the park across the street.
This one is from last night then my camera died:

And now here are the ones from today:
Tanner doing his infamous "wolf walk", now I know why people avoid while walking....:

Molly running:


Molly running again, she LOVES to run:

Molly invaded the playground:

Molly running again:

It took me forever to finally get this!:

Molly again:

Tanner trotting around:

A Tanner close up:

Tanner just chillin':


Molly relaxing:

Tanner just walking around, for some reason I really like this picture:
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They look like they are having so much fun! My favorite is Molly on the playground equipment-
More pictures.....

His tail is missing!lol:

Side shot:

ANother picture of Tanner walking(I don't know why I kept taking pics of him walking.o_O)

The race is on!

Tanner teasing Molly:

I didn't realize his eyes were

Look at the toungue!:

Tanner running(The reason he had his leash on was because we were woking with his off-leash training.):

Molly teasing Tanner:

Tanner now teasing Molly...again:

My pack :wub::

Thanks for looking!
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They look like they are having so much fun! My favorite is Molly on the playground equipment-
I should have got a picture of Tanner trying to go up the
Looks like they had a blast. I like the tongue shot!
Great pictures - thanks for sharing!
Great shots!! Minna does that "wolf walk" too -- even my mom made a comment like "if I didn't know her, she'd look scary".
Beautiful Dogs! I love the slide pic! I wish they let us go without a leash at the park.
Nice - happy dogs! My fav is Molly relaxing. She's got the look in her eye that says she's not planning to relax for long! :)
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