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MN: T-Touch with Linda Tellington-Jones

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I just learned that there will be a T-Touch lecture/demonstration by the founder Linda Tellington-Jones

When: Sunday, April 20, 3—5 p.m.
Where: Golden Valley Humane Society
Fee: $10 at the door

Founder of the Tellington TTouch® Method, Linda Tellington-Jones will talk about how she uses touch in animal healing and communication.

They request that you leave your animals at home.
For more information call (763) 432-4842.
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If it wasn't so far for me to drive I would be there is listen to Linda.
wow great price.
Yep, $10 for a 2 hour lecture/demonstration.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it but I'm going to try.
I wish it were closer!!!!!
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