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Mixes or not?

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A friend just sent me these pictures and asked me if I thought they were mixes or purebred GSDs and I can't decide.

If they just showed up in a shelter I worked with, I think I would assume they were mixes. Something's looking a little off to me with the black one and we don't see a lot of purebred GSDs this age in rescue unless we get mom in too. However, apparently these guys were dropped off supposedly as the remainder of a purebred Shepherd litter and I certainly agree that they could be. They look more like GSD puppies than some others in a recent thread anyway!

This time I don't feel confident making the call. Can some other people who have more experience with sables and black of this age offer their opinion?

Thanks for looking!
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They are adorable. I would take them in a heartbeat, if I didn't have my own.
They look PB to me, but let's get some other opinions.
They look PB to me too. The black one looks like a longcoat. How old are they supposed to be.

I think what makes the sable look funny is the fact that it is a bad picture. It makes his head look WAY too big for his body.
If they are older than 8 weeks the ears look a little long/soft to me, but they are adorable!
Should be easy to find forever homes;)
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The black one reminds me a LOT of a coated black male I had. Here is a picture from when he was close to that age. Not the greatest picture (it was in 1988.), but you can get an idea of what he looked like.

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That does look like him! Thanks for posting that. I knew I could count on you guys.
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What humane society are they going to? I might know someone who's looking for a pup, but not sure what breed they want, but I can try getting them to take a look at these beautiful pups. Thanks. I'm also in KY.
Thanks Jennifer! I think they're both spoken for actually but my friend was given the option of adopting one of them. If either of them is available, I'll let you know.
The rescue for these puppies fell through and apparently the person interested decided it's not the best time right now so they are in need and actually pretty urgent.

For more info on them contact: [email protected]

If you are a rescue I've worked with before and are interested, please let me know ([email protected] or PM me). I may be able to help with transport.
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