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CONTACT: Shelley: [email protected]
German Shepherd Dog, 17 mos. old. Gray sable with red markings, now
estimated to be approx. 80 lbs., nearly 26" at withers. Black "pencil marks" on toes, normal thick stock hair coat. Large head, tractible disposition.

Rumored to have been dumped in a shelter in the greater Allentown or NJ areas, perhpas further rather than returned to breeder, perhaps as long ago as Dec. '07. Micro-chip info never submitted to AVID, no record of inquiries on ID/origination of m-chip purchase to date.

Avid Euro Microchip #146346095A Tattoo Rt Ear: FG06B4 (green ink)

Please contact his breeder Shelley at [email protected] with any info.
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