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The “dangerous dog” bills are on the Minnesota House and Senate floors and need your action right away. Please contact your State Representative AND your State Senator and ask them to vote YES on the bills below.

S.F. 2876 authored by Senator Ellen Anderson (Link to bill: )

H.F. 2906 authored by Representative Michael Paymar (Link to Bill: )

These bills address a real issue relating to dangerous dogs, which is accountability of the people who own the dangerous dog.

H.F. 2906 and S.F. 2876 strengthen existing law by giving animal control authorities the tools they need to better protect the public from dog bites and dog attacks. They address repeat offenders and the culpability of dog owners who endanger the public.

They clarify existing language, require the sterilization of dangerous dogs, increase the dollar amount of insurance required (for a victim of a dog attack), provide due process for a dangerous dog designation, provide for prohibiting further dog ownership, and increase penalties for those who create dangerous dogs through irresponsible actions.

The maximum penalty is often paid by the dog, but there are relatively light penalties, if any, placed on the owners.

Please mention these points when placing your phone call:

-Ask them to support dangerous dog bill S.F. 2876 and H.F. 2906
-Tell them you do NOT support any amendments that would include a dog breed ban in Minnesota.
-The problem is the not the breed of a dog.

To find out who represents you:
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