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Mineral, VA - Ranger, neglected

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Ranger, has had a hard life, is getting vet car and proper diet, available on JULY 19
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Quote: Louisa County Animal Shelter adoption fees for dogs and puppies is $20.00. For "out of state" adoptions, the animal must be spayed or neutered before leaving the state of Virginia.

Ranger is a very sweet boy in need of a loving home! He hasn't had the best of care and needs proper nourishment and attention. Ranger will be available for adoption on July 19th.

Louisa County Animal Shelter
Mineral, VA
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This dog should be in Urgent......

"Animals are brought in to this shelter at an alarming rate. Most of these animals are sweet, friendly, housebroken and would be all around wonderful pets! There is not enough room for them all. Sadly, many of these pets never make it to be adopted. If you can help us in any way by fostering an animal, contacts with rescue groups or even one of these animals a permanent home, please contact us...quickly."
He isn't available until July 19th. There are dogs that are listed with less time. Let's leave him here for now.
Listing removed-
Do you know the outcome of Ranger? Wasn't available for adoption until July 19.
Talked to the shelter today. Ranger became very ill (had been a neglect case and wasn't up for adoption til 7/19) and had to be PTS.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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