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My name is Jan and I'm Mom to a 5 yr old 84 pound GSD. We rescued her from a backyard breeder. After we saw her living conditions, we couldn't leave her. Once past the horrible maiming her mama stage, she has been a sweet dog. However, she does have EPI which is controlled and the reason she is 84 pounds and not 30 or dead. We gave her prozac for a couple of years because of her aggression to the other dogs and cats. I weaned her off, because i honestly didn't see much difference. We have started her back on prozac because of her noise anxiety. She had been on Xanax, but I didn't see much difference except she slept hard after the events are over, and I am honestly scared for her. We tried Silieo and that works great, but it is sooo expensive and one $40 tube only treats her 2 times. And it only lasts a couple of hours. Something i can't afford. The other day, I turned around in the shower and there she was. It was thundering.
My question, how can I help her with this. She won't stay in her crate during these things. It's just heartbreaking to see this beautiful dog so scared.
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