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I have an older dog who has pretty severe anxiety. I also tried giving her prozac or xanax (can't remember which one now), but it didn't help her. I also tried CBD, but didn't have any luck with that either.

I've had two vets suggest Zyklene (a supplement made from milk protein) and a calming collar like Adaptil and Purina's Calming Care probiotic powder. These are all pretty affordable when compared to the cost you mentioned in your post because each one gives you a month's supply when you buy them. From what my vet said, you could try all of these at the same time if they don't work individually and maybe the combination would help her anxiety.

My personal experience was that they didn't work for my dog, but maybe you would have better luck. Apparently these things work for a lot of dogs, just not mine.

My dog ended up being prescribed trazodone which she is on twice a day (about $20 for 3 week supply). Her anxiety is not completely resolved, but it makes it manageable and keeps her from hurting herself when she gets super anxious.

I hope you can find something that works for your dog!
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