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Microchips and ID Tags

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If you have your dog microchipped, do you also have an ID tag on their collar? Every single tag that I've bought has broken off and gotten lost, gotten so scratched its unreadable or just became unreadable by other means. I've only had the metal ones from PetSmart's tag maker thing and other random tag makers. Funny how the county rabies silver coin thing can stay on for years and the ID tags constantly get lost.

Is there even a point to have the ID tag on their collar if they're MC'd? I like the idea of having the tag on them as well, but I'm so tired of them breaking, etc. I know there's a type that isn't metal that look more durable, but you have to special order those and I'm a touchy, need to feel it type of person.
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Personally...if you ever feel that there is even the slightest possibility of your dog getting loose...then yes I advocate having Tags on the dog. When we've found stray dogs we always look for tags first. Then it's pretty darn easy to call the person and let them know you found heir dog. Microchips are harder...first I would need to take the dog to the vet...and then I'd need to hope that the microchip had been registered.

Most people don't go to all that effort to return a stray. You'd be amazed how many people I know just figure that the dog will find it's way home and don't even bother to get the animal off the street.

I don't keep Tags on my dogs. They are all microchippped. But I have a hard time thinking of a situation where they would get out of their crates in the house, then out of the house, and then out of the fenced in yard...
I'm avoiding microchipping due to all of the reports from multiple sources about the increased risk of cancer....everyone has their own opinion on it and that's mine. That being said, Deuce wears an ID tag that I had made at Petsmart for $8.99 with his name on one side and our address/phone number on the other as well as a tag we ordered through ACA when we registered him. It's scratch proof and has a special ID number on the back with "I'm lost, please call...." and the 800 #.
My dogs are or have been all microchipped and also wear collars with ID. My cats as well.
Yes, there are a few good reasons for your dog to have ID. Having ID on the collar can get the dog back to you faster because someone just has to look at the collar to see who owns the dog rather than having to find a vet or shelter to scan the dog. An ID tag also is visible proof that your dog has an owner, and if the dog was stray people may be more likely to try to catch them if they know the dog has an owner and that it will likely be easy to locate the owner.
The only way to know a dog has a microchip is to scan them for a microchip, or if they have an ID tag that mentions it. Even though microchips are more common now, a lot of people don't know they exist and would never know to have a dog scanned for one.
As far as ID tags falling off or becoming unreadable, I've had the best luck with Boomerang Tags. My previous dogs had both plastic and metal tags from them and they lasted many years, they never wore out or broke off at all. They are still perfectly readable. For Bianca I bought a CollarTag from Boomerang, which is a type that hooking onto the collar like a nameplate so there is nothing hanging down to catch on things, rub off, or break off. I would highly recommend Boomerang tags.

As far as microchipping causing cancer, I think these "reports" are way overblown. In searching for these reports I have only found a few actual cases of dogs/cats with cancer near or around the microchip site, and in some cases this was the same site of vaccinations(which can cause tumors) and no proof that the microchip actually caused the cancers.
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I have microchips in mine both and ID,CAR AKC,Home Again,rabies tags on their collars. I routinely check them often to make sure they are still in good condition and readable. If one needs to be replaced I go ahead and do it. I like to have all those tags so if either one of them gets out or away from me people will know this dog belongs to someone. Having microchips and all the tags together give me a little peace of mind as to they might make it back home to me.
My dog wears 2 id tags (plus her rabies tag) and is microchipped. When I'm home...I will sometimes take her collar off...but anytime we are out and about...she has that one. If she were to get lost and someone found her...I would want them to be able to call me right away. Unless the dog goes to a vet or animal control, etc, there is no way they can get their microchip read.
Our Shepherd has gotten out twice in 2008. We rented a home with a huge backyard and fence. Fence was in great condition, but we didn't know about the gate. The wind blows so fierce here that she just walked out of the back gate and once called she came back from a few houses down. The other time, I guess the gate got opened again after the homeowner repairing it and she was sitting on our front porch whining.

We bought our town home and have a big dry creek bed and trail out back that we play fetch in off leash along with several other neighbors. Lots of people walk their dogs off leash down the trail around here. Thankfully mine ignore everyone else walking and focus on the activity we're doing, but there's always that chance and I want to be prepared in the best possible way. We also walk a lot of trails around here off leash esp. to the reservoirs and the like.

The PetSmart tag I had for Harley had the little clear protector over the engraving, but that didn't help me when it broke and fell off. :(
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Dodger is microchipped and when ever he's off my property he wears his collar with ID tag and license tag (I wish our county had the rabies on a tag they just give us a piece of paper). The other two just have tags we never got them microchipped seeing as they were my grandparents prior to me owning them.
The PetSmart tags suck. My first two lasted about a month before they were almost unreadable. I bought the stainless steel tags from and they last forever. (I had them on my last two GSD's for about ten years)

The only thing I would add is with my two dogs, they like to bite and tug at each others collar. I had to use a heavier S hook so it wouldn't pull off. I highly recommend the stainless steel tags. Link: Pet Tags - dog tags, pet id tags, cat tags, dog name tags and embroidered collars - America's Favorite

My dogs are chipped. They don't wear collars unless I take them off my property(by law they have to wear tags)
The rabies tag, and a nametag is on the collar. The MI rabies tag is registered with the vet that gave the vax and the county(for licensing), so can be traced back to owner.
The only way my dogs would get close enough for a stranger to read their tags or scan for a chip is if they were injured or caught with a catchpole. Karlo would go up to someone, but Onyx and Kacie would not, & possibly bite if they were cornered.
Bandit is microchipped and has tags
I would recommend slide pet ID tags. I have them in stainless and anodized aluminum on my website. The slide tags are actually on the collar instead of dangling from the collar preventing them from getting snagged and breaking off.

You can put more information on them too. Great for adding medical information such as blind/deaf/diabetic/etc, your vet's information, and rabies/microchip numbers.

You could also go the embroidery route. :)
I will not leave collars on my dogs. They are chipped. They wear collar and tags only when we go somewhere. I put the microchip tag on their collar. If it gets broken, oh well. I do not worry too much about it.

I do not think it serves much of a purpose. The AKC tag has their DN number on it. I have used it for CGC tests where I want the number, etc. But otherwise, I only worry that some yayhoo will see the tag and use it as proof that the dog is purebred, if they ever steal the dog and try to breed her. So it is kind of like putting an authentic sign on a diamond bracelet -- look its real!

But I leave it there. Rabies, license, AKC, microchip tag, nametag from petsmart. Kind of like covering all the bases.
my dogs are chipped and have tags on their collars. They wouldnt have the microchipes though if we didnt live on base. We dont have a problem with the tags getting broken off though despite our dogs playing pretty rough. i've been looking into getting the tags that snap directly to the collar itself instead of hang from it.
Mine are microchipped and tagged. I live in an apartment complex and it is required they wear tags - as well as being a city rule. They wear stainless steel name tags (from Tagxpress which I've found to be cheaper and higher quality than the PetSmart tags and they ship very quickly and for free), rabies, license and microchip (HomeAgain) tags. I hate the jingling noise (my lab knows if he scratches and is annoying in the am with the tags, I will get up) so I use these Tag Bags and I LOVE them, they are really neat.
Both of my dogs are microchipped and have tags. Tanner was microchipped from the shelter, and Molly was at our vet's advice(we use home again) and we have tags from SEACCA.
My guy has a collar w/tags on when he's not in the house. Once he's outside, I put the collar on. He's chipped, but I wouldn't rely on someone to take him in to get him scanned. It's far easier for people to read a tag.

My past dog had a tag that said on the back, "I am a senior dog with special needs. Please return me ASAP."
I hate the jingling noise (my lab knows if he scratches and is annoying in the am with the tags, I will get up) so I use these Tag Bags and I LOVE them, they are really neat.
I use one of those for Bianca too. I also hate when the tags jingle! I use a nameplate (CollarTag from Boomerang Tags) for the collar and then the license, rabies tag etc go in the Tag Bag.
The only time my dogs wear any tags is when we are away from home. Any tag I attach to their collars are done so with zip ties because they last a nit longer than the little rings that normally come with tags from petsmart, etc. When we are home my dogs do not go outside without me so we don't need collars/tags. They are chipped as an extra precaution. Heck, they can't even go around a corner out of sight to poop without me going to make sure they are ok!!
anytime we go off property my dog sounds like Santas freakin sleigh!

Rabies tag, MC tag, regular tag and a tag from a online if I could put an antenna on his head.....
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