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micro chip

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Not sure if there is a forum already here, if there is point me that way, but what if any are the cons of micro chipping?

I have heard they can move.

Have you lost a dog and found them by micro chip?

Are your dogs micro chipped? ( from the vet, breeder, rescue, petsmart? ) How much was it?


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Great post, I've been actually thinking of getting this done to my girls, curious to see what answers you get!!

As far as if a dog as ever been found by the chip, yes, a friend of mine, her dog got loose and ran off, but within an hour someone found her and she came home safe!!!
I've heard older versions can migrate, but Shania's has been in the same place for the last 6.5 years; also heard some dogs react negatively too the material casing though its rare.

My Shania is chipped, Lucky never was (not that strangers could get close to her without a family member there).

My vet did Shania's and total cost was $57 and they mailed in the paper work. The doc was actually surprised when I requested it b/c Shania was two years old at the time and she says most people get it done when they are puppies.
I'm sure I've seen posts here about chips...
if you do a search you may find more detailed info.... I'm no expert, but....

My dogs are all chipped, by the vet.
(I think it was $75....)

He also reads the chips on their check-ups to make sure they haven't migrated anywhere and are still detectable.

We haven't had any problems with them...

Fortunatley, I haven't had any mishaps with the pups as far as them getting lost, but it gives me great piece of mind.
They always have on their collars and tags, but those could come off...
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I have 4 dogs and everyone is microchipped, need be for I do ofa and cerf testing on my dogs but everyone has been in the right place and I recommend this for everyone as said before the collars and tags can come off
This is a thread from a few weeks ago
Both mine are chipped, one avid, one homeagain. Just be sure to register your dog, and keep the info. updated if anything changes.
we chip with a brand that can be picked up by any scanner. We started this because we had a dog come into the office from over seas and our scanner at that time could not pick up the chip. The new one does. The chips may move, but when we scan we scan the whole body of the dog/cat. All vets and shelters have the scanners. I have my guys chipped and would do it again in a heartbeat. If a Hit By Car stray comes in we work on the animal and scan it at the same time. We have reunited owners and their pets that way as long as the info is up to date.
mine are chipped; i've used chips for many, many years now and have had no problems thus far; one chip did migrate to the dog's anterior chest area but it caused him no problems

although i believe in chips and support chipping, i also keep a tag on the dog that has my home address and phone number engraved on it; this way, if a lay person finds my dog he/she can call me before AC gets involved; about 2 yrs ago one of my boys went ont he lam for a few hours; i searched and searched; shortly after returning home, a man about 1/2 mile away called me to say my dog was there; i was ever so grateful that tag was on him; for me, it's just double insurance

in terms of cons...the only real one of concern that i've read is that there's some new research out linking chips w/cancer; it was just a small article in the paper and i've not actually seen the research paper so i don't know how valid the research study was; i've used chips since they were first made available to the general public and i've had NO cancer related problems; keep in mind that this was just one study

so, i keep getting chips and encourage others to do so; they have been used again and again to reunite dogs and owners so to me they're well worth the cost

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My pets have all been chipped with Avid chips. No problems. We used to move a lot (military), and I was terrified of our pets getting lost while we were out on the road somewhere. We've never had a pet get lost, and Kodee always wears a tag as well, with my home #, cell # and address on it. It also says "Reward", for extra incentive for someone to call.

I used to work for a vet as well, and we did have a handful of dogs come in hit by car w/no tags. If they had a chip, we were able to call and notify the owners, otherwise, it was off to the Humane Society after being treated...
My parson russell terrier was found and I was contacted via her microchip before I knew she was missing. She had jumped out of my husband's car when he stopped for a minute at the auto repair place. I was at work when I got the call. So, now all four are microchiped, and I make sure that I keep the records up to date.
Chips may migrate throughout the dog's body. It's not that common any more with the newer chips (according to our vet), but it's something that did happen with older types of chips. It's a good idea to have your vet check for the chip when you go in for your annual exams, so you know whether it's still in position.

Chips must be registered in order for them to be a valid way to identify your dog and return him to you if he is lost or stolen. Our girl is chipped with HomeAgain and when we need to make changes or additions to her and our information, we go on the website or call the 1-800 number. HomeAgain gives you the option (through the site) to upload a picture and everything.

I've heard that older chips have been associated with cancer in some dogs?
Lucy got her chip yesterday! I did it for a couple of reasons- can't test for BH anymore without one according to my trainer. Also heard many sad stories of dogs and their owners getting seperated during Katrina and I live in hurricane alley.
The information Historian gave is exactly what my vet said. I also have the HomeAgain, and my vet said in 5 years he's had NO issues with thos particular chip. It cost $45 to put in and then $17.50 to register it.
She did not miind the insertion at all.
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