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Originally Posted By: NWS_HavenMichigan is very bad right now. At least these folks aren't abandoning him along with their forcelosed home like so many others are right now.
People are giving away their horses because they can't feed them. I just saw two purebred Morgans on CL that were free and she apologized because they were so thin. She just didn't have the money for hay anymore.

It's sad.
It's true. It's hard not to judge but considering the state of the state's economy, I can't really blame some people. The MIGSDR is getting flooded with cases like these, owners that are losing their homes or have to downsize, or lost their jobs and have to move in with family. Smaller apartments or family don't allow GSDs. Some of these people are very, very distraught over having to re-home the dog, but at least they are trying and going to the rescue for help, not going immediately to the shelter or dumping the animal in the street.
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