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Hi there!
I was buying a bunch of Innova and Evo (they were having a 36 year anniversary sale $$!! ;)) at my local pet store and I met a young man with a stunning 3 month old male GSD. I was immediately drawn to the pup...go figure?...and we struck up a converstion. Apparently, he had a 10 year old American type GSD that recently died and he of course wanted another GSD. He imported this puppy from Germany and is from West German Lines. He drove 4 hours to the airport to pick him up and has had him for about a month. This pup, named Zeus, already knows and he demonstrated for me, Sit, Down, Shake and High Five! How cute is that?! Zeus was so mellow, in his strange surroundings, and performed his "tricks" on cue without any treats..I was impressed! He is beautiful and I'm so jealous! lol
That's definately one point for West German GSD's!
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