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Merrick dry dog foods

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I feel I have been searching the world for a good food. With 7 dogs and homecooking I have been through it seems everyhting. But they are all back on dry (Canidae) and the 6 are doing very well.

But the adult GSD is putting on weight but does not like the canidae. It is a chore to get him to eat it.

So I posted earlier about maybe switching him to Orijen fish. I like the fact that everything is made there and they dont import. But I do have concerns about weight loss going to a grain free and loose stools. I am torn because he has slight allergies and does bite feet so I know grain free will help. His poops are good on the canidae which was a huge improvement.

I have seen Merrick and it seems to get good reviews. But does anyone know about this manufacturer and if they were involved in the recall at any point and time???

I dont want to feed chicken because i think he might have an allergy so I want to try a diff protein source. What are everyones experiences and knowledge with the Merrck Brand??

Thanks everyone
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Merrick was not involved with that massive recall last year. They did once have a recall on one of their canned foods, but it wasn't because of a chemical. They have a can food that has whole chicken wings (very well cooked) and some of the wings had metal tags still on them!!

I fed Merrick dry and canned for years to my last dog and he looked great and never had any health issues. He loved the food and was a good weight. I switched around to Innova for a while and some other brands. Now I am back to Merrick! Specifically, I am feeding their new grain free kibble..called "Before Grain". She loves the food! If you add a bit of warm water to their kibble it makes a gravy that the dogs seem to just love! Yikes! That reminds of the old Gravy Train comercials
But, supposedly Merrick uses all natural ingredients, unlike the old Gaines Gravy Train, I'm sure! The regular Merrick dry foods have grains, but they are whole grains.
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I liked the Merrick's Cowboy Cook out, fed it to Raya until she decided she wanted what the other dogs were eating.

I am going to give Fromm's Four Star Chicken alA Veg. with some of my dogs if it goes well then I might try it for Cheyenne.

You can check and see if there are any dealers near you.

The place where I buy my food handles Froom's but not what I wanted so she is going to order it in. They have Breeder bads which are 40 lbs, but I don't think they are available at most online food dealers. My price on the 40 bag is $42.30.
I like Merrick. I think it's a good food. I fed the Wilderness Blend to my GSD, but it turns out he has truly amazing barley allergies, so it didn't work for us. But I like Merrick as a company (I buy their freeze-dried lamb fillets by the truckload), and I think their foods are good and reliable. If you buy their food from their website, they ship for free, which is kind of handy too -- no more lugging food home from the pet store!
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