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Merrick-Before Grain

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I just switched Brenna to the chicken BG. It took a day or two to catch her in the act of pooping (the ultimate progress report) and I'm happy to report she has nice firm stools.
I only just started her on it so only time will tell how she does as far as coat condition, etc. but her main issue is her sensitive tummy, so I'm optimistic.
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I'm going on our 3rd bag of it, and the dogs are also doing great on it so far:)
That's what we switched to and Abby is also doing very well on it, although not as good as she did on raw. She is shedding a lot more, but her poops are normal (though bigger than on raw).

I like the Merrick's BG but I am considering switching to something else, to see whether she would do better (smaller stools / less shedding) than she does on this.
I bought a bag of this and it is a really nice food...very expensive in my area though. I have been buying the canned version for "treats" though. Glad to hear you guys like it as well.
So far Brenna is still doing very well on it. I even put in an order for 2 more bags. It is expensive, but I found that has a pretty good price on it and I mooch 20-22% off coupon codes off of people which offsets the cost of shipping.

I was surprised today, she got a soup bone yesterday which I knew would give her the pudding poops, but she just loves those things! I scooped a lot of the marrow out which helped a bit. So this morning she had pudding poops but by evening they were solid. That's record timing for Brenna.

I also checked her anal glands and they didn't feel full like they usually were with canidae...It's the little things in life that make me happy. lol
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