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Re: Merle's Room/Merle's door

I read Merle's Door a couple of weeks ago and it will be one I keep and re-read.

Few of us live where a dog can truly be a dog and not all dogs are as savy of the wild as Merle was. We also aren't as likely to make our living from our home, so we aren't around our dogs 24/7 to be able to create the same environment.

Even Merle had to be leashed or in a fenced yard when they headed to bigger cities to visit. For this team though, life was mostly free and it certainly worked for them. What a great life for both dog and rescuer.

I had to laugh at Merle running with other dogs, then bringing them in through his doggy doors to rest and chow down before going home.

Most of all I enjoyed the way information by well known behaviorists and trainers was written into Merle's story in a way that was interesting and thought provoking, rather than than intrusive.

Quote: the part I was influenced most by was the strength his owner showed in accepting and guiding his companion to end
That was very impressive, wasn't it? I agree, this was a book well worth the time reading it.
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