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Every since I've had Gracie, we've gone to a local Memorial Day parade and cemetery service. Even as a small pup, loud drums, 21 gun salute and bag pipes had no effect on her.

So we went yesterday to watch her grandpa walk in the parade and then perform his duties at the cemetery. This is his last year as commander at his Legion Hall.

It's funny how many people will come and let me know that there will be gun shots and bag pipes and then ask if she will be ok. I get why they are asking but my dad's friends must be getting senile because they know us, see us there every year and still ask me every year
. I just smile and say "yep, she does good here!" The guns go off and the bag pipes play and you can see everyone who asked me about her watching her. And she didn't flinch....

I am always proud of how she behaves at stuff like this! Now...If I can only figure out how to get a 21 gun salute and bag pipes to play while we are in the Rally ring since she can handle that but falls apart in the ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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