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"Memorial approved for nation's war dogs"

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Here's a link to Jake Berry's article about the proposed "memorial to the 100,000 dogs who have served in the military since World War I". It appears in the CAPE COD TIMES and includes a photo of the proposed memorial:
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Thank you for posting the link to the newspaper article, Gayle.
That's awesome! I'm going to try to round up some of my friends and co-workers that I know are animal lovers to see if we can all donate.

ALL our vets deserve to be honored!
These dogs are truly amazing animals and deserve to be recognized along with their handlers. I have a friend in the service now who got his dream assignment - handling K9s. He's done a tour in Iraq, and has wanted to work with the dogs for a long time. These dogs are heroes too and deserve to be remembered as such. Including the poodles and yorkies and other "non traditional" military dogs!
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