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Adalwolf and I went to my sister's place Saturday, and he got to meet her three German Shorthaired Pointers, Emmylou, Harris, and Roxanne. (Emmy and Harris were named after my family's favorite musician, Emmylou Harris, who shares her #1 position with the red-headed stranger! Roxanne's name is also music related...if there are any Police fans, you know how! The poor girl gets that song sung to her so often, she probably thinks that is how her name sounds!)

Here he is in the car, watching me sing my head off to the radio! (Note the position of his ears... I think he is trying to tell me something about my voice??)

Adalwolf did sooo well, I was in shock. I thought he would be hiding behind my legs, but nope, he only did that once, and he was so brave the rest of the time. Roxanne is the youngest of the three pointers, and it was so funny to see Adalwolf constantly watch her. She was like the cool teenage cousin all the younger kids want to hang out with. Of course, she didn't have time for him, because she was too cool and had better things to do!


Adalwolf also seemed to like Harris. Harris was so gentle and kind, and even let Adalwolf chew on his lips! Yikes! I don't know why Harris was letting Adalwolf be a bit of a bully. I was impressed with the old grey-haired man. He's always been calm like that with other dogs, but he seemed to be overly patient.... much more patient than I would have been if I had some young punk taking over my humans and chewing on my lips!

I have to say, our little guy was beat when we got back home. He was so cute...

But then he was ready to do it all again when he woke up at 2am! Aah!
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