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Meeting a new puppy

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I have a 4.5 month old gsd and my girlfriend got a 10wk old yorkie puppy today so I went to introduce the little puppy to my gsd but my dog started barking and the yorkie peed everywhere and started shaking any thoughts on how to do another intro cause they need to b best friends.
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No real suggestions. Just be VERY carefull. A 4 month old GSD could do SERIOUS damage to a yorkie puppy.

My advice.

So the Yorkie has already been overwhelmed, and I would hold off on getting them together for a little bit and then under strictly controlled conditions for short periods of time. She just got the puppy?

Has it been to a vet? Where did it come from?
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Where did they meet? It's better to meet in a neutral place ( not home).
so I should just wait and reintroduce them in a neutral place.
Please re-read that link above. Another member just made a really important and very brave post. They should be commended for their honesty and for sharing a painful experience so that others do not repeat their experiences.
How big is this yorkie? If it is a underbred "teacup" then you will ALWAYS have to watch as they are to delicate for anything but a ladies purse.
My yorkie was 12 lbs. He held his own with any dog of any size. It was great to watch them all play together. In all probability you will always have to watch them until your GSD understands being gentle to the Yorkie.
Here is when I first introduced my yorkie puppy to my GSD. Everything went well because my GSD was well trained and very gentle. I miss them both.

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When I first got my Min Pin pup he was 8 weeks old and weighed about 1.5 lbs. I wouldn't let him near my large dogs unless I was holding him so that the large dogs wouldn't hurt him. I did this for the first few months and then when he was about 4 months old I put him down on the floor with the larger dogs. By that time they knew who he was, they knew he was one of the pack and they accepted him. I did not leave them unsupervised for a long period of time, however, because my Lab was only a year old and liked to play rough. He wasn't mean, he just was a typical young dog who was a bit rough. By the time the Min Pin was 6 mos. old or so I was able to leave him unsupervised with the larger dogs.

They're all great friends now.

Good luck.
I read the story Cameo posted about her dogs. I think it was nice to share that to put some of us back into me.

I have watched Mandi with my cats (especially the larger more dominant cat) since we got Mandi a month ago, and Mandalay has always shown submissiveness to the cat. But I now know that this may not always be the case and I will be more on the watch for triggers and clues as to when and if this balance changes.

Thanks Cameo.
watch that prey drive..a small dog could kick that natural instinct in, in a split second. (gotta get the rabbit, gotta get the rabbit!!) any small animal looks like a little snack so be carefull
I had a pretty odd encounter over the weekend and I did not want to start a new thread, so here goes. Saturday I had Mandalay at the vets office for her Rabies shot as she will be 4 months Wed and she is getting spayed that day. There was another GSD there that looked about her age, so I tried to make conversation. I asked how old he was and was told he was 4 months and 3 days. Iw as SOOO excited that they were so close in age and thought it would be a great chance for her to meet, greet and maybe play with someone her own age. THEY WANTED NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!! The owners would not even allow them to smell eachother. They said they dont allow their dog to interract with others at this "young, critical, age". I just looked at them, since they are right - This is a critical age....FOR SOCIALIZING!!!

We got up, walked to the other side of the waiting room, found a 6mo old pitt bull and played with him. I feel bad for their GSD puppy who was showing he wanted to play with the other puppies.

I cannot imagine not allowing my dog to even say hi to another one.
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The things are not always so one dimentional. Maybe, their pup has issues and they thought that yours may overwhelm him. Maybe, their dog is training. Maybe, they are teaching their puppy that it's not ok to play with every single dog he encounters without permission. Also, I don't think a vet office is the best place for a puppy to play.
Maybe they were worried about vaccinations? That would be my interpretation.
I dont know...I guess that is possible. The vet has a separate waiting room for dogs that are getting vaccinated and those that are sick as well as a play room with toys and a little kid slide and tunnels and what not for the pups, so I dont think they'd be worried about that. I just think it'd have been nice to have allowed them to see "someone" thier own age who looked like themselves.
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