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Hi everyone,
We are new to the forum and would like you all to meet our beautiful german shepherd boy Tyson.

He is almost 10 weeks old and such an adorable addition to our family.
We are first time dog owners and would love any guidance along our way whilst raising him.

Tyson is very active at the moment, his sleeping rituals have dwindled and would much rather be awake and playing at this age.

We are eagerly awaiting his 12 week old needles so we can take him out for walks and plays in the park.

He loves eating his Brisket bones everyday (correct me if they are not meant to be given daily)

Dry feeding was at the beginning alil hard we purchased him Royal Canin German Shepherd puppy biscuits and he wouldn't eat them so we have now switched to Optimum Puppy biscuits which he loves. We understand that the royal canine are by far a better complete diet but we wanted him to eat and Optimum is the brand the breeder had him on so we switched.

Tyson came home to us with a nasty ringworm on his tail and ears, we are in the process of treating that ( any guidence would be appreciated) we are using and anti fungal wash with can also be administered on the ringworms nightly undiluted. This is clearing it up nicely and hairs are already starting to grow back.

Look forward to hearing about all your puppies


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