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Meet Baron

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I am a new member to the site and a brand new German Shepherd owner. Baron is my third puppy. I can't believe how smart he is at only 8 weeks. I also cannot believe how much he wants to eat! Both of my previous dogs were large breeds, but didn't have this appetite. I don't want to overfeed him, but he seems hungry all of the time. Any knowledgeable advice will be appreciated.
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Welcome! Has Baron been wormed? What are you feeding him?
He has had his first worming and shots. I have an appointment with vet in 3 weeks for 2nd check-up.
What kind of food are you feeding and how many times a day?
I have been giving him Purina Puppy Healthy Life 3 times a day, about half a cup at a time.(A heaping half a cup.) I honestly think he would eat twice that if I would give it to him though.
I would consider switching foods. Read up on the forums here about diet and nutrition. Most of us on here feed the higher quality foods and I know lots of puppy owners feed their dogs adult foods. The dogs get more nutrition from the higher quality foods and in the end the cost evens out because the dogs have less health problems.

Here's a good place to start:
K. Appreciate the advice. Bagggio (my Black Lab) would only eat Eukenuba but Elmo (my last dog, a German Shepherd/Rot) wouldn't eat anything but a certain type of Purina. I grabbed the Purina out of an old habit, I think. I am really not concerned with the cost. I will read up a little more. I want whatever is best for the little guy. He has me whipped already!
We are what we eat....let your food be your medicine. My advice is Good food, lots of exercise, socialization, lots of love and also dont give unecessary vaccinations. There have been some good post here regarding vaccinations. My dogs are very healthy and only get vaccinations required by law (rabies). Good Luck and send pics of the little guy!
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