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We lost our two male GSDs recently...12 year old Cody in Oct. 2018 and 13 year old Beau in June this year...... these are pics of them in their younger days....we have a 6 year old female Aussie and a 1 year old male Aussie both of us really missed having a GSD around frankly more than I can put into words.....soooo a little over a week ago we adopted Meesha from the local SPCA.....she's a close to nine year old long haired sable female....who's heart worm positive..... I believe she was an outdoor dog......used for breeding ......she's just starting to get used to floors, doors, AC-ceiling fans etc....she's a real sweetheart who with a little help has settled in pretty quickly.....Meesha came to be at the SPCA from a rescue- I believe after they found her to be heart worm positive.....

Going back in time more than three decades I've tried to do what I felt was right and contacted a breed rescue there are at least four that claim they will adopt to Virginia....I've been turned down each and every time with out so much as a home visit.....first turn down reason--"I didn't own a crate"----2nd turn down-" my wife and I both worked and we (the rescue) don't believe a GSD should be left alone all day" ??.....3rd turn down a few weeks back from a rescue that had "saved" 38 dogs from "horrible conditions-no shelter-mud feces and urine every where--not enough food or clean water etc-etc-etc-------But...."Please, DONATE what you can"....many pictures of dogs missing part of their ears with the heading foster me or adopt I bit... sent in the application via email....guess what ??... they cover the Mid Atlantic area but they wouldn't make the drive to Powhatan county ( for the home check) just west of Richmond, VA.....pretty darn centrally located in VA....4th attempt with a rescue wasn't a turn down per say but would have been-I contacted them they said they'd make the drive--seemed excited to here from me but before I sent in the app.----I read a little more on their site and guess what?? they don't adopt or foster to a home that has a intact dog--Jake our 1 year old Aussie is not neutered and won't be until around the age of three--which falls under the heading of "my business" any way.....

What's really ironic in my mind is this.... many years ago I had dogs that lived with us for a spell they had dog aggression...some were people aggressive or plain scared of their own shadow--all had some sort of phobia.....they came to my door through a breeder I'd meant at a show when I was young and we became friends she had ties to one of the rescues I later dealt with trying to adopt....she vouched for me... so in a back hand sorta way ( just not directly) I fostered a few troubled dogs for one of these friend lent me two was actually about 12 years ago I bought 2 crates of my own LOL.....

Now at the end of the day as most things in life all worked out for me--the first "turn down" brought us Shane my namesake here---2nd turn down we found Beau--this time we have Meesha in the end things are better than good....they're perfect !

Assuming my attachments work...the black dog is Cody---black/red is Beau--sable is Meesha.....
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