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meds from Canada?

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I now have 2 large dogs on Synthroid. Any one get their meds online from Canada? Its a lot cheaper. Just concerned that "way cheaper" may equal poor quality.
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Can you drive to Canada to get them?

I don't trust online pharmacies. You just don't know if that pharmacy is actually in Canada or somewhere else entirely. There's too many counterfeit drugs. Some of these are just useless. Some are made with dangerous ingredients. And they're all almost impossible to detect. has been around a long time, but even them.... eh, I'm just really cautious. Ok, paranoid.

Walmart, Target and Costco have good prices on Rx drugs though. I fill my dog's prescriptions at Costco. The antibiotics cost exactly 30% of what Walgreens had charged me. And Zamboni's Tramadol costs me about 70% of what my vet can charge. He just can't beat their price.
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There are generic brands of Synthroid here in the states that are cheaper.
Originally Posted By: AnnaRileyThere are generic brands of Synthroid here in the states that are cheaper.
But is the generic just as good? My poor old Wooly Bear (now deceased) was on the generic stuff from the vet. He wasn't doing well so I asked if he could switch to Synthroid (from Target). What a difference.

If I continue to purchase the Synthroid locally, it will cost about $200 a month.

I suppose I could drive to Canada to get them - If I could get enough, it would be worthwhile.
Good Lord! Someone is taking you to the cleaners!!
WOW I pay $4 a month for a 30 day supply. (I take the generic) what dosage are your pups on?

There are several places here that sell them at that price. You are getting ripped off.
I read a post somewhere yesterday and they were talking about the pup have a serious reaction to flea and tick meds they bought from Canada. Not sure if it was the meds or what caused the problem.
The husky takes Synthroid .3, 4 per day.
The GSD takes Synthroid .3, 6 per day.

I'm hoping that they won't need the full dose, but I won't know for several weeks.
I don't have any dogs that are hypothyroid (but I am) but have friends with dogs hat are and I have never heard of giving that many doses during the day.
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