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From: Susan J. Duke
Sent: Monday, May 26, 2008 11:24 PM

PLEASE HELP -- permission to cross-post--please email to SAR groups also

I am the breeder of a stolen or lost GERMAN SHEPHERD dog of DDR working lines that disappeared from a fenced area in or near McAllen Texas.

The dog was born 2/23/07, is a SABLE plush coat (not really long hair, just a short fluffy undercoat that is very soft), male, friendly temperment, about 65 to 75lbs, answers to "ROWDY", obviously of DDR lineage (East German, looks a bit different). He is AKC registered at Arion Encore Cadence and is of very drivey working lines, was starting in SAR Tracking/Trailing is my understanding.

The owner already notified us the dog was stolen/missing/lost Brett Weisenburn 217-741-6420, his mother's email is [email protected] phone 217-741-3802, my phone is 217-622-0622.

The owner is a college student staying with relatives in the McAllen Texas area. Please call us if this dog turns up somewhere. I can provide positive DNA id on this dog if necessary, he was not microchipped by his heartbroken owner. His working drives may be obvious, so he might turn up as a SAR inquiry.

Thank You,
Susan J. Duke
10 Parkview Lane
Chatham, Illinois 62629
217-622-0622 cell
217-483-6130 home
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