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In May I had to put to sleep my beloved GSD. He was 11 and a half and even with medication for his arthritis/pain, he was failing to the point I made that hard decision. He was a big guy, 95 pounds--truly a gentle giant.
I've waited, pet less for months and have decided, if I have a dog, and I really miss having a dog, it will have to be a GSD! I'm older and just can't face the puppy teeth and energy. I have located, visited and claimed a 4.5 year old female who has been retired from breeding by a reputable breeder because she isn't a good mother. She is AKC, H and E certified and no DM. She is a much smaller dog, on the small side of GSD. She is smart, quick, lightly trained and I think she will train quickly into my good, friendly pet dog.
She hasn't lived in a home before or with just one person. I am picking her up in a couple of weeks. I wondered if there are any suggestions of how to prepare for her, how to introduce her to house and yard. There is just me, no other pets.
At our meeting she was responsive and sweet, high energy but quick to focus it into learning. I welcome suggestions.
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