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Max has invented a new game

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So to try and keep Max happy while it is to cold for mommy to go outside and play. I have started throwing his ball up the stairs. We live in a tri-level so 6 steps up. Max has decided that if he stands at the top of the stairs and drops his ball it will most of the time roll down the stairs back to me. Then momma can toss it back up the stairs for him to catch.

He has also learned that if it fails to come all the way down or ends up to far away from momma he then has to come down get it and drop it by me. :D What a smart boy!
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thats great!!! good boy Max! They sure do keep us busy dont they?! Shasta was doing the same thing not to long ago though from downstairs to upstairs its 17 steps....
Haha he is a smart cookie!
Smart boy!
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