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So I have been taking (7 1/2 months) Matty to Petsmart, TSC, parks, walks, obedience class...all going really well, with the occasional bark here and there..take treats so people can give them to her and she realizes people are nice...yada yada yada...

Anyway last night I decide to take her for a quick walk just up and down the street...Decided to go ahead and take the other dogs (dont normally do) and decided just to use her regular flat collar ( usually use prong)...anyway we get off the curb in front of our house..the guy (20 yr old) with his two 5 month old shepherd puppies, not on leashes, come around the corner..they start walking towards me and Matty goes nuts!!! Lunging, barking, it was crazy, I finally got her under control (which was hard).(Had my daughter go in and get the prong)..he came over and pet and talked to her ( shes met him and his dogs several times) and I apologized several times...After a few minutes and re-introducing her to the two puppies, we let them play for about 20 minutes for the first time..and she was worn out when they were done....

Do you think I did the right thing?....Just feeling really discouraged after all that socializing that she acted like a complete idiot and not being sure what set her off.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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